Bussen Company provides the following services to its clients:


We provide commercial real estate appraisal services for a variety of property types (please refer to the Projects subpage). Our reports are very comprehensive and detailed, and are developed in accordance with USPAP and FIRREA appraisal guidelines.


Compliance services can be provided when a lender requires a third-party to manage the appraisal function. This service includes managing approved appraiser lists, obtaining competitive bids for assignments and reviewing appraisals to ensure compliance with USPAP and FIRREA. This service is only performed in markets where we do not perform appraisals to maintain our independence and integrity of proprietary data. This service allows a lending institution to outsource this function as opposed to trying to manage it in-house.


Consulting services can be provided where an opinion of value is not necessarily required to satisfy the intended use of a report. As an example, a client may request a feasibility or sensitivity analysis related to determining the highest and best use of a property. Compiling market data, performing market studies or providing rent surveys are other examples of consulting services.

Litigation Support:

We have provided litigation support to clients where expert witness testimony was potentially required as part of the engagement for an assignment. This has included property assessment appeals for municipalities, attorneys and individuals. Andrew G. Bussen, MAI has testified as an expert witness at various hearings, depositions and jury trials. In addition, Mr. Bussen has assisted legal counsel in strategizing for real estate-related matters.